About Us


R.J. Colour Co., Ltd. was established in the New Millennium and has been dedicated to global sourcing of pigments and its distribution in Thailand, reaching out to the printing inks, paints, textiles, plastic and rubber industries.

R.J's history goes way back to 1972 with the inception of Aarjay International L.P., which for 30 years served as an indenting house facilitating trade between Thailand and countries like Russia, Poland, Belgium, India and Pakistan, for a wide range of goods like textiles, yarns, hardware and later on dyestuff and its intermediates, and pigments. Since two decades we have consolidated and are focused on distribution of chemicals, especially Pigments and Colorants and also some special additives and resins.

RJ aims to live up to its motto in THE SEARCH FOR EXCELLENCE in procuring and sourcing the best pigments and raw materials to meet clients' needs. This, along with our dedicated team, technical and energetic sales force we enter our next decade of service with a quest to achieve further milestones.

Our Customers :  Paints   Inks   PVC   Plastics   Masterbatch   Rubber   Textiles